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Apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE)

Always tell your
doctor you are an

Always remember to tell your doctors that you are subject to doping control, and ask them to check substances before prescribing them to you.

Check your substances online or phone the ASADA Hotline 13 000 ASADA (13 000 27232) while you are still in their office.

To apply for a TUE an athlete needs to complete the TUE application form in conjunction with their doctor.

Detailed medical information is required, you cannot complete this form without seeing your doctor.


Download the TUE form:

PDF - 280KB

Word DOC - 144KB

RTF - 598KB

Please attach and/or forward all relevant medical information that will assist ASDMAC in its consideration of your request.

Once the application has been assessed, ASDMAC will communicate its decision to the applicant by mail.

The applicant’s doctor can discuss the TUE application with an ASDMAC member.

You must supply appropriate and separate medical evidence with your application. Applications are returned when appropriate medical evidence is not provided.

Medical emergencies

In emergencies, your health comes first.

Always seek medical attention immediately and advise all medical staff that you are an athlete subject to doping control.

If your health depends on a prohibited substance or method, submit a TUE application immediately after treatment has occurred (retroactive TUE).

In these situations your doctor may be able to contact ASDMAC and speak directly to a medical practitioner member of ASDMAC for advice.